What’s Maize?

Maize is an online platform that helps you instantly uncovers hundreds of hidden and moving food gatherings. Food trucks, carts, stands, booths, pop-up chefs, and farmers create their menus on Maize and offer you real-time updates.

Maize is available on App Store and Google Play.


Why we built Maize.

A culinary revolution is underway in the United States. 100,000 small food businesses are reinventing our experience with food and produce. We’re moving towards a more direct relationship with the food and the people who craft it. Innovation is happening outside of the traditional “brick and mortar” model and such change involves reclaiming new public spaces such as markets, under-served urban areas, and neighborhoods.

The movement is spreading throughout the country at unprecedented speed. There are new laws in 42 states (called Cottage Food Act) allowing people to sell food made directly from their homes and make a living doing what they love. There are 8,200 farmers’ markets in the United States, that’s twice as many as five years ago. Pop-up dining is reaching record levels throughout the country as more people have access to culinary diversity, affordable gourmet meals and traditional American classics in their own neighborhood.

In essence, people around the country are able to take charge of their own livelihood, offer delicious food and support local produce systems. We believe it’s just the beginning.

2 thoughts on “What’s Maize?

  1. I LOVE this! That you could be anywhere in the city and just have real food…at your fingertips. Although I’m only in the Bay Area once or twice a month, will you be expanding to other cities? Like Houston? 🙃


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